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Dakar 2016

Argentina - Bolivia

This year drivers and their teams will encounter an adaptability test. With increasing difficulty of the route – in particular the second part – even the distance covered by drivers and their vehicles will take its toll.

Welcome to the world of extreme endurance.


Buggyra Stronger Again! Dakar 2016 Marks A New Stage

2015-12-22 11:30:47

The Czech Buggyra team has been strengthened for their third start in the best-known and most demanding rally of the world. In addition to Tatra 815 Fat Boy piloted by Martin Kolomý Jaroslav Valtr will drive its younger brother, Tatra Phoenix, for Dakar 2016.  More

Truck Race: A Eulogy of Combativeness

2015-12-22 11:28:31

The winners of the last three Dakars in the truck category, Karginov, Nikolaev and Mardeev, will also be the overwhelming favourites in 2016.  More

Dakar Rally is a long-distance off-road endurance race for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and since 2009 even for four wheelers. Starting 1978, the original rally route was Paris – Dakar which, however, gradually changed in time. The rally was longest in 1992 where racers drove through 10 countries in 22 stages on the route from Paris to Cape Town, thus covering 12,427 km. Due to rising safety concerns, the race was moved to South America in 2009.

The most successful Czech participant is Karel Loprais who won the rally six times in the truck category. The best rated four wheeler is Josef Macháček who won officially once and additionally, four times in the motorcycle subcategory. The most successful driver of the Dakar history is the French Stéphane Peterhansel who won eleven times in total, of which six times on motorcycle and five times driving a race car. Last year the Dakar Rally took drivers to the territory of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. How will the new route 2016 look like? In the upcoming year, Dakar Rally participants will bypass the territory of Chile. The South American state announced that it would not participate in the organization of the new year’s rally and rather invest saved funds in recovery of the desert area in the north of the country destroyed by heavy rain. 

Buggyra Racing

The BUGGYRA Racing team ranks among the most successful teams within European truck racing.
Following its achievements in the European circuits, for three years it has successfully competed in the world’s toughest off-road race–DAKAR Rally.



Dakar 2015 - 7. place Kolomý/Kilián D./ Kilián R.
3x European champion in the RACE category - individuals (2007, 2008, 2009)
3x European champion in the RACE category - teams (2007, 2008, 2009)


The BUGGYRA Racing team ranks among the most successful teams within European truck racing.
Following its achievements in the European circuits, for three years it has successfully competed in the world’s toughest off-road race–DAKAR Rally.

The objective of a new TATRA PHOENIX special racing truck with its crew members Jaroslav Valtr (4times participant of DAKAR, double champion of the Czech Republic OffROAD Marathon), Josef Kalina (twenty-four active seasons, 3times winner of DAKAR Rally) and a new member Jiří Stross will be to adequately complement their team colleague Martin Kolomý who is driving TATRA 815, and jointly support the efforts of TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team for the best possible final result.

Start of a new PHOENIX racing truck in DAKAR Rally 2016, corresponding with the new TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 series, is rather symbolic and follows on 30 years of the first Tatra starting in the world’s toughest rally in 1986. On this significant anniversary, TATRA TRUCKS is preparing a number of accompanying events. They include, for example, the issue of a book mapping the rich racing history, or topical Kopřivnice Technical Days, where the TATRA trademark fans and in general, technology lovers may learn about new vehicles and technologies in the Kopřivnice polygon. The event held early in June is visited by thousands of visitors every year.

New escort vehicle

As an escort vehicle this year, DAKAR will see a TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 6x6 series vehicle with a 11litre engine and power output 320 kW, completed by a Contsystem body comprising a container carrier with MULTILIFT XR hook lift. This vehicle is designed for transport of material and spare parts, in particular tyres. Another escort vehicle will be TATRA PHOENIX 8x8 with a four-door cabin that, by its dimensions, is ranked among the largest escort vehicles of the race.


In preparing for the DAKAR, challenging tests of race vehicles took place in the Senica training area of the “Slovak Sahara” at the turn of October and November. It was also participated by TATRA TRUCKS company managers, including Petr Karásek, CEO. Radomír Smolka, the Technical Director, personally tested a new PHOENIX racing truck directly at the wheel.

“A part of chassis and many technological features of the new PHOENIX are based on the proven TATRA 815 special racing truck of Martin Kolomý, however, the overall concept has undergone major changes and evolution. For TATRA TRUCKS, this vehicle provides an opportunity to test various technical solutions for TATRA PHOENIX chassis series,” says Radomír Smolka who applies knowledge from Dakar during development of aggregates as well as he works hard on development of Dakar special series of the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team.

The old truth that viability and robustness of design solutions is best proven through races and competitions has always been of a great importance to TATRA designers. Regular participation of Tatra vehicles in challenging events repeatedly confirms this truth.


The best evidence of TATRA viability and robustness is the continuing participation of special racing trucks in the world’s most prestigious competition with a name that says it all, the “Dakar”, where TATRA has repeatedly started since 1986.

Building a good name is not primarily about sales; it is a long-term effort that needs investment. Moreover, the so-called “test in combat", which a real race in the most difficult terrain surely is, brings a great potential and valuable knowledge for the Development Department and designing of vehicles themselves. Numerous improvements that increase the value of mass-produced vehicles can actively be tested in the very extreme conditions of DAKAR Rally.

Other manufacturers’ engines

Liquid-cooled engines from other manufactures and TATRA’s new in-house fourteen-gear transmission unit are also used for special racing vehicles. Namely LIWA, one of the most successful special projects, is equipped with a KHD Deutz BF 8MC 1015 liquid-cooled engine (400 kW/2650 N.m).

Karel Loprais won its 4th, 5th and 6th Dakar Rally in 1998, 1999 and 2001 with a differently adjusted version of this engine (evidence of how success in mass-produced vehicles influences racing trucks) used for the first time in the T 815 2 ZE R55 4x4.1 Puma racing special truck (and in all other Loprais competition vehicles ever since). It has become an unmistakable phenomenon of marathon races. As a result, the TERRN01 series has been offered with optional liquid-cooled engines of other international trademarks since 1999.

Racing vehicles would directly be owned by the manufacturer for a long time. Nowadays, although run by private teams, they are being developed and prepared in close co-operation with the development shop or directly in the TATRA factory.

TATRA - DAKAR - Loprais

The most significant, and perhaps cult-like, connection arising from competitive activities of our company is the phrase “TATRA-Dakar-Loprais”. Although the Kopřivnice trademark fame has also been spread by Ing. Tomáš Tomeček (a pure TATRA with original directly air-cooled twelve-cylinder engine), André de Azevedo (similar truck construction to Tomeček) and Marek Spáčil (2009 TATRA trucks with Deutz engines, 2010 TATRA trucks with Caterpillar engines) in Euro-African races, there is no TATRA fan who would not know the most successful Czech truck racer Karel Loprais. His six victories in the world’s toughest rally evidence and prove the correct design way of TATRA, with a unique benefit for mass production.

Although in general, trucks do not thrive on the trend of long-distance truck races and the TATRA vehicle concept (a central load-carrying tube and independently suspended swinging half-axles) is more suitable for extreme terrain than high-speed sprint sections, it should be noted that amongst all the premier league special series on the starting line, TATRA vehicles are probably closest to their mass-produced version.

Tatra Phoenix


TATRA PHOENIX is a new generation of trucks made by the vehicle manufacturer in Kopřivnice. The new generation is based on a unique concept of chassis tested all across our planet for nearly one century. This concept is being developed and enhanced for dozens of years, inspiring other manufacturers.







With the development of technology, the requirements for operation, safety, performance and efficiency are changing as well as environmental impact requirements.

To facilitate movement in the toughest terrain, TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 Series built on the proven Tatra chassis is provided with PACCAR high-performance and efficient while environmental friendly engine, complying with the stringent Euro 6 emission standard.












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In 2016 TATRA celebrates the 30th anniversary of its presence at the toughest rallye in the world. Support our racing team TATRA BUGGYARA RACING driving TATRA PHOENIX AND TATRA 815 FAT BOY racing trucks. Share with others how you support our crews of Jaroslav Valtr and Martin Krkolomný and win a possibility to take part in BUGGYARA Camp and experience a drive in a racing truck at first hand.